"In over 30 years of working in the music industry I've never found and worked with anyone more reliable and skillful at her job than Audrey at Electricia Studio Services.  

She installed my wiring in my studio in 2000 and it has worked flawlessly ever since.  If you want the job done right, call her.   Maybe she’ll make your studio as magical as she made mine."

-Tony Shepperd


Here are some of the talented clients we have worked with over the years.


Tony Shepperd / The Mix Factory

Jim Lang / Knobworld

Brian Kehew

Jason Derulo

Roy Thomas Baker

Herb Alpert

Audio Intervisual Design

Ryeland Allison

Michael Bolton

The Brickyard VFX

Justin Burnett

Scott Humphrey / The Chop Shop

The Clubhouse

Design FX

Disney Character Voices

EAR Professional A/V

Echo Mountain Studios

The Enterprise I, II and X

David Foster / Chartmaker

John Frizzell

Kenny G.

Vincent Gallo

Tyler Bates

Harry Gregson-Williams

P.J. Hanke

Mark Mothersbaugh

James Newton-Howard

John Nordstrom

Starr Parodi and Jeff Fair

Basil Poledouris

John Powell

Trevor Rabin

David Schwartz

Chris Ward

J.J. Blair / The Doghouse

Andrews Jenkins

Eric Persing

Matt Wallace


Josh Groban

Jim Keltner


Nikki Sixx

Rancho De La Luna

Mervyn Warren

Vonda Shepard

Serj Tankian

Digital Theater Systems (DTS)

Synthesizer Systems Technologies (SST)

Thom Russo

Beat Garage

Capitol Records

Digital Domain

Ground Control

Laser Pacific

Segue Music

Holliday IT Services


Hollywood High School

Pepperdine University

Village School Pacific Palisades

USC Film School


Mark Mancina

Ed Mitchell

Joel McNeely

Brian Mendelsohn

Kenny Loggins

Tommy Lee

Media Ventures


Modern Music / Ascent Media

The Master's College


Lili Haydn

Travis Barker

Paul Leonard-Morgan

Hans Zimmer

Murielle Hamilton

Josh Smith

Aaron Smart

Kevin Ryan

Cliff Martinez

John X / Earthstar

Nick Littlemore




"For several decades now, Electricia has been the most reliable and professional studio service out there. Experience like that is invaluable when doing something as complex as setting up a studio. For a luddite like me, they made it easy to understand and utilize my systems. They were experts in restoring order to the tangled mess of chaos that was my studio.

But maybe the best recommendation I can give is that they are great people, fun to work with and a pleasure to have in the studio."

-Joel McNeely

"I've been working with Audrey and Electricia for about 2 decades now. The work is exceptional, the attitude is sensible and professional. She's been soldering since she was 4 years old, so this work is certainly home territory, and she's done it all before many times.

Even more relevant, she's fun to work around, and seems to enjoy doing it so well. I'm the biggest fan... "

-Brian Kehew

"Electricia designed and installed all of the wiring and patchbays for audio, video and MIDI (yes Virginia, we once wired studios for MIDI!) at Knobworld in 2001. Audrey is wicked smart and collaborative, a goddess of design and layout, and made the studio work and sound amazing from day one.

Fifteen years on, the workmanship, detailed documentation and meticulous attention to layout and labeling are still paying dividends. In all respects Electricia rules."

-Jim Lang

"What ever size wiring/studio install job you may have, just hire Audrey Wiechman. She is the best."

- David Schwartz

Audrey has wired all of my studios since I can remember. She is an awesome talent. Totally professional and amazingly great to work with. I would never let anyone touch my studios except for her. The real deal!

- Mark Mancina


Li'l Aaron

Dave's Room