Design and Estimating

Electricia Studio Services designs with an eye toward the future, working to create modular, flexible systems that can be easily updated. We know that your work is your passion, and we are committed to helping you build a beautiful, reliable system.

We begin the wiring design process by meeting with the client, either in person or remotely, to gather information, understand their vision, and outline the scope of the project. Information gathered during this step might include the dimensions of the space, furniture layout, and equipment list.  Also important is an understanding of the clients' workflow, and budget range.

Based on system requirements, we then create a wiring design and calculate an estimate. The wiring build begins upon estimate approval and receipt of a deposit.

Clients receive a copy of all system documentation when the project is finished, as part of a complete custom studio package.

Note: If a facility requires new construction, it is important for us to get involved during the planning phase so we can make sure all the correct infrastructure is built into place (conduits, troughs, cable trays, junction boxes, etc) to assure that your system can be installed as designed.


Electricia Studio Services has high standards when it comes to wiring details. Our wirers use consistent methods, precise measurements, and high-quality components to build durable wiring systems that sound great and look beautiful.

We often prebuild parts of the wiring system at our shop, which greatly decreases the length of installation time. During prebuild we can create wiring harnesses, label the cabling and patchbays, and assemble and prepare any custom panels. We also test our completed wiring, which reduces testing time on site.

We can build from our own designs, or from designs completed by others.


Our installation team is made up of smart, fun people with a variety of skills and a wide range of experience. We are prompt, focused, and organized, and we truly enjoy doing a great job.

Our team members are familiar with our proprietary Electricia Studio Services documentation format, and can also be familiarized with outside documentation formats if we are building from another engineer's design.


What we do, why you need it, and what sets us apart


We provide all of the following services as part of a complete custom studio package.

We also accept projects that may require just one or more of these services.